When most people in South Florida think of windstorm damage, they typically think of hurricanes. There are other storms that can threaten your home or business. Tornadoes and tropical storms are also responsible for property damage throughout South Florida from Miami to Hallandale. Even a heavy thunderstorm can wreak havoc. When it comes to windstorm damage, timing is everything. Here is an important fact to keep in mind. Florida law allows homeowners only a limited amount of time to report windstorm damage to their insurance company. Swift action is required. But it does not mean the policyholder will necessarily receive the settlement needed to pay for repairs or recover losses. Some even have their insurance claims completely denied. When you are financially strapped, this can be a nightmare scenario. But it can be avoided.

Finding Solutions

If you have received a low settlement from your insurance company, it can leave you confused and helpless. Fortunately, there are solutions. Miami insurance lawyer Jonathan Korin and his legal team have helped countless clients recover the settlement they needed to pay for their damages and recover their lost possessions. Most importantly, they have helped clients regain their peace of mind. Korin and the legal team at Korin Law, P.A. utilize a personable and comprehensive approach to help clients resolve their issues with insurance companies. While we take an aggressive approach, we do not have an adversarial relationship with insurance companies. Ideally, we would like to resolve your settlement issues before going to court. However, should the insurance company refuse to increase their settlement; we are prepared to fight for your rights.

Why Choose Korin Law, P.A. For Windstorm Settlements?

Because quick action is required for windstorm damage claims, policyholders cannot afford to make any mistakes. All of your damages must be accounted for. When you are in a hurry to make an insurance claim, it is easy to make mistakes. Attorney Jonathan Korin and his legal team can send a public adjuster to your property to properly document and assess your damage. It makes your life easier and helps ensure you do not get short changed by your insurance company.

Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable insurance lawyer is a smart investment. Should the court rule in your favor, Florida law requires insurance companies to pay for the legal fees of the insured. If your insurance company has low balled your settlement by thousands of dollars, it is a fight worth taking.

We understand you take great pride in your home or business. When your property has been damaged and personal items are lost, it can be an emotional time. The last thing anyone wants to do is fill out insurance claims or deal with an uncooperative insurance company. Our job is to make your life easier and help clients navigate through the legal process.

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When it comes to windstorm damage claims, procrastination is not an option. Contact Jonathan Korin and his legal team at Korin Law, P.A. in Miami to schedule your free consultation. Discover how an insurance lawyer can help recover the settlement you deserve.

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