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Why Miami Homeowners Need Their Own Public Adjuster?

Insurance companies expect their policyholders to be fair and honest when it comes to filing a claim. Whether your home has suffered fire damage, water damage or been destroyed by a windstorm, we all count on our insurance companies to come through with the proper compensation needed to cover damages and lost property. But what if the insurance company provides a less than satisfactory settlement? Even worse, what if your homeowner’s insurance claim is denied? Unfortunately, it happens far too often than it should. Many homeowners simply give up and settle for the settlement provided by their insurance carrier. But there is a way to fight back and recover what you truly deserve. More Miami homeowners are now hiring their own public adjusters to properly assess damage and challenge the settlements provided by the insurance company.

A Smart Investment

Have you ever wondered how insurance companies determine the amount of a claim settlement? They have their own team of licensed public adjusters to assess property damage. Insurance companies are no different than most businesses. Their goal is to make as much money as possible. Sometimes it comes at the expense of the policyholder. Unfortunately, the adjusters used by the insurance company are not looking out for the policyholder.  Instead, they are looking out for the company. In far too many instances, the insurance companies will cut corners when it comes to their damage assessments.

But there are ways to avoid this problem. The first is for homeowners to hire their own public adjuster. There are several benefits. The public adjuster is working for the best interests of the homeowner. If the homeowner does not get the compensation they seek, the public adjuster does not get paid. Should the homeowner receive a fair settlement, the public adjuster will receive a percentage of the claim. In addition to preparing a complete inventory of lost and damaged property , a public adjuster can also help with filing paperwork and submitting your claim to the insurance company.

Research Properly

Choosing the right public adjuster in Miami is not always easy. It’s not the same as selecting a doctor. Take the time to research your choices thoroughly. But keep in mind, you need to find someone relatively quickly. The right public adjuster will know exactly how to handle your claim and organize all the right documentation and necessary paperwork. However, a bad public adjuster can create huge problems for homeowners. For example, some  have been known to exaggerate claims to justify charging high fees.

A Miami Home Insurance Lawyer Can Help

While hiring a public adjuster can be an effective strategy, it does not always work for everyone. Some insurance companies may become hostile and difficult to deal with once they find out a policyholder has hired their own public adjuster. Should this happen, it be wise to contact an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional. Miami home insurance lawyer Jonathan Korin understands the challenges many clients have when dealing with their homeowner’s insurance company. He and his legal staff utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help clients resolve their insurance claims issues without going to court. However, if the insurance company refuses to cooperate, he is prepared to fight for the rights of clients all the way to court. To learn more, contact the legal professionals at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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