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Hurricane season is in full effect and this brings up various questions for renters. Homeowners are required to know what safety precautions to take to avoid or diminish damage to their home but it is not so clear cut for renters and landlords. Both parties will do their best to avoid damage to the property before the storm hits and have the appropriate insurance in place. What happens when you have taken all the necessary precautions and there is still substantial damage. Who pays? It all depends on what the damage is and where. If you need help deciphering through the insurance documents and holding your landlord liable you will need to contact a Miami insurance claims lawyer immediately to get your home repaired. The type of damage is very crucial to your case as well as the type of insurance that the property has.

Damage to Property

Damage to the property is usually the landlord and the landlord’s insurance company’s liability. This includes things like broken windows, roof damage, fences and anything else that is part of the actual building and property. After a storm, the tenant may have to relocate due to the home being unlivable which may in some cases be at the cost of the landlord. This is why it is crucial to make repairs quickly after the damage has been found. The cost of not only fixing the damage but also housing the tenant in a local hotel will quickly add up. Tenants and landlords are also required to stay in constant communication as much as possible in regards to repair status and the livability of the residence. Communication is crucial after a disaster and will help the process go a lot smoother between the tenant, insurance companies, association, and landlord.

Damage to Items

A landlord is also liable to refurnish a home that was rented pre furnished. They are only liable for the items that were in the home prior to the tenant moving in and were included in the lease. Any other item that was brought into the home by the tenant is the tenant’s responsibility. Luckily, if you have renter’s insurance this will be covered in the policy. It is important to verify your policy coverages each year to ensure that everything is covered. Items such as appliances are the responsibility of the landlord. If at any point you are unsure of your coverage consult with a Miami insurance claim attorney.

How can an attorney help?

A Miami insurance claims attorney can help by looking over all insurance policies and guide you as to the liability of each party. If your landlord or insurance company refuse to repair the damages or reimburse you we will fight to protect your rights. You must keep clear records of everything that transpired prior to, during and after the hurricane as best you can. This will serve as proof that you did not do the damage yourself and that the landlord or insurance company failed to take the appropriate measures.

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