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Last year’s hurricane season – and the destructive power of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, in particular – have not only inflicted hundreds of billions of dollars in damage but also exposed a variety of tricks and schemes employed by insurance companies to avoid or reduce settlements to Florida homeowners.

If you were injured during a hurricane, or your home was destroyed by floods, strong winds or even wildfires, you – as a homeowner in Florida – would expect your insurance companies to help you out during one of the most unnerving periods of your life, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for thousands of Florida homeowners affected by the Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.

Fact: Hurricane Irma death toll totaled 134 people and inflicted over $70 billion in damages (the fifth-costliest tropical cyclone in history), while the Hurricane Harvey claimed the lives of 91 people and cost the U.S. nearly $200 billion in damages.

Here at Korin Law, P.A., our phones were ringing off the hook during and after the two destructive hurricanes in 2017. Our Miami insurance claims lawyers have been informed about and hired to help take legal action against some of the most dishonest and unfair practices of Florida insurers who were supposed to provide fair payments to hurricane victims… but they didn’t.

Illegal practices and unfair claims settlements of Florida insurance companies: EXPOSED

From conducting inadequate investigations and unfair assessments of damages done to the property of Florida homeowners to outrageously denying payments for those affected by the hurricanes, our insurance claims attorneys in Miami have exposed illegal schemes and unfair insurance claim practices of both newcomer and big-name insurance companies.

One of the illegal practices of Florida’s insurance companies has been detailed in the Sun Sentinel earlier this month.

Months after the Hurricane Irma, many Florida homeowners began to find out about the illegal practices of insurance companies in Miami and elsewhere in the state. Turns out, Florida insurers have been employing deceitful and illegal strategies to avoid future claims costs.

At least three insurance companies have been exposed, with Florida policyholders affected by the Hurricane Irma providing checks received from the insurers in question including statements that release the insurers from obligations connected to the property damage claim.

How insurance companies tried to avoid and reduce settlement

Our best lawyers who sue insurance companies in Miami explain what the insurance companies did: they discouraged homeowners from seeking payment for additional costs stemming from repairs of their homes.

Some Florida homeowners chose to sue the insurance companies for employing these illegal tricks and schemes to avoid covering additional costs associated with repairs of damages properties or building homes from scratch.

Our Miami insurance claims lawyers explain that avoiding payments for any expenses incurred during repairs of properties is an illegal conduct. According to Florida insurance law, an insurance company – after paying “actual cash value” – is required to cover “any remaining amounts necessary to perform such repairs as work is performed and expenses are incurred.”

What to do if your insurance company won’t pay your claim (or is trying to cheat)

If you believe that your insurance companies are trying to cheat or engage in deceitful and illegal practices – avoiding or reducing settlements – consult an experienced attorney right away.

Florida insurance law exists for a reason. As a homeowner in Florida affected by the Hurricane Irma or any other natural disaster – you have a right to seek coverage for property damage and injuries.

Let our Miami insurance claims attorneys offer you a free consultation. Call our offices at (786) 870-4266 or fill out this contact form.

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