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One of the first steps towards getting the damages to your home repaired after you’ve experienced a disaster is meeting with your insurance company’s adjuster. If you’re feeling anxious or nervous about this, you’re not alone. Most homeowners tend to be apprehensive and concerned that the adjuster is not going to give them the amount of coverage they deserve.

In most cases, homeowners find out that the adjuster and his or her company is not their friend. Company advertisements and the pearly white smile of the insurance agent are oftentimes deceiving. This is not to say that all insurance adjusters are bad people or crooked. It’s just that their job is to protect their company’s best interests and not those of the claimant.

What does the Adjuster do?

While it would be ideal if an adjuster would show up, shake your hand, and provide you with an estimate right away, this is rarely the case. Depending on the extent of the damage to your home, the adjuster could spend an hour or two up to an entire day inspecting the damage. In many cases, estimating the subtle damage that a burst water pipe has caused can take longer than it takes to estimate the catastrophic damage resulting from a large fire.

You want them to be as thorough as possible and not miss anything that you could be blamed for when you bring it up after the fact. Once the assessment is completed, the adjuster will file their report. After several days, the insurance company will double-check the report and calculate the cost of repairs. Even so, the most reputable insurer could take weeks or even months to get the job done.

3 Steps You can take to speed up the Process

Although the insurance adjuster is responsible for estimating the cost of damage, there are 3 steps the homeowner can take as well to speed things up:

  • Be prepared – make a list of all the damage (including photographs) to expensive property (appliances, electronics, furniture, etc.). For every homeowner, it is good to have cataloged everything that has value. This will help you check everything that was damaged.
  • Don’t rest comfortably – check in with the adjuster and/or the insurance company frequently for updates on your claim. Let them know that you are awaiting a response and that will quicken their response.
  • Involve a home insurance lawyer – bad faith insurance is a common occurrence among insurers in this industry. Even a small mistake can equate to a lot of money.

If you feel that you’re a victim of bad faith insurance, take immediate action and contact Korin Law, P.A., your Florida home insurance lawyer.

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