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If you are a Florida Power & Light customer, you may be happy that the hurricane surcharge following Hurricane Matthew has finally come to an end, leaving you to pay slightly less each month. However, you might not want to get too excited about the price drop just yet, as it turns out that FPL may have been overcharging you for the past year. Florida Public Service Commission is currently reviewing the utility provider’s handling of the hurricane surcharge to find out whether customers were charged fairly, over-charged, or under-charged. A spokesman for FPL has said he believes that the estimates, on which the surcharge was calculated, maybe been slightly high, meaning customers could be due to a refund when the Commission completes its investigation and votes on the decision in August.

In short, nothing is confirmed as yet, but this could be tentative good news for FPL customers.

How Miami Residents Should Prepare for a Hurricane

While we all, of course, hope that a hurricane is not going to hit any time soon when you live in Miami or elsewhere in Florida, it is essential to be prepared at all times. As well as the seemingly obvious stocking up on bottled water and non-perishable foods, make sure you are always equipped with plenty of the following items – just in case.

  • Medications, stored in a cool, dry place and never allowed to completely run out before the next prescription is filled
  • All equipment needed for a chronically ill or disabled family member, including a backup phone for emergencies. You should also have transportation and details of the quickest escape routes noted
  • Essential items for your baby or toddler, including baby food and formula, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipes, and clothes
  • Essential items for your pets, including food, blankets, and water

Celebrating the end of the Hurricane Matthew FPL surcharge is the perfect opportunity to make sure you and your family are prepared should it happen again. If sod’s law is to be believed, the act of preparation means you will never need your hurricane emergency kit, which is all the better.

Have You Had a Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim Rejected?

Rather than preparing for the next hurricane, maybe you are still trying to get your property and your finances back on track after Hurricane Matthew, or another instance of extreme weather. You may have thought you were adequately insured, only to have your claim rejected for a seemingly spurious reason, potentially leaving you significantly out of pocket. If this has happened to you, you need the legal expertise of a Miami hurricane attorney.

As you will know by now, it only takes one storm to destroy almost everything you have worked so hard for. If your hurricane damage insurance claim has been underpaid or outright rejected, it is important to act quickly.

To find out how a Miami hurricane attorney could help you recover the damages you deserve, call Korin Law, PA today on 305-900-HOME (4663) to schedule a free initial consultation.

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