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Even if the terms of your mortgage didn’t mandate carrying homeowner’s insurance, you would still carry it if you’re a Florida resident. This makes a lot of sense when you consider that your home is the largest investment you’ll make in your life and the most valuable asset you’ll ever own. Furthermore, repairs for damages or liability for accidents occurring on the premises could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Of all the different types of damage that can occur, this is oftentimes the most expensive.

Unfortunately, not all damage caused by water is covered by homeowner’s insurance. While there are exceptions to this, homeowners rarely read their insurance policies and when they do, it’s usually once they’ve experienced a loss. According to insurance experts, the first step in the claims process is to verify that your insurance covers the loss and isn’t excluded. You should never assume that any specific loss is covered as there may be clear language in the policy that states otherwise. That is why it is best to understand the fine print of the policy before buying it. Additionally, if there is any chance of getting the claim denied, you need to call in the home insurance lawyer so that you have the right legal representation.

What Types of Damage are covered? What Types aren’t?

Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies require that sudden and internal water damage has occurred and that the water didn’t touch the ground outside the home. This might include an accidental or sudden tearing, bulging, burning, or cracking of an A/C, heating system, or a fire extinguishing system. In most cases, your homeowner’s policy will cover you against damage caused by:

  • appliance, bathtub, toilet, or washing machine overflow
  • damage resulting from extinguishing a fire
  • mold resulting from covered water damage
  • plumbing issues (e.g. accidental overflow, burst pipes, faulty or frozen plumbing)
  • rain or snow storm
  • roof leaks (covers the interior or the home and not the roof)
  • vandalism

On the other hand, water damage that’s not attributed to an accidental, sudden, or unexpected occurrence isn’t always covered by homeowner’s insurance. If water damage is attributed to a lack of preventative maintenance or neglect, the homeowner will usually be responsible for the cost of repairs. Water damage isn’t covered when it results from:

  • flooding
  • ground seepage
  • poorly maintained plumbing
  • sewage or water pipe seepage

While it’s always important to familiarize oneself with what is and isn’t covered in their homeowner’s insurance policy, there may be times when appealing a claim’s rejection becomes necessary. Our experienced attorneys are always ready to represent you in this type of situation. For more information, call the Korin Law, P.A. firm today.

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