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Whenever you have experienced a loss due to property damage, your insurance company will most likely request that you complete and sign a “Proof of Loss” regarding the damages you are claiming. Although this is normally a one-page form, there may be additional attachments to accompany it. The form typically asks for the following policyholder information:

  • date and time your loss occurred
  • the exact amount of damages you are seeking
  • policy coverage limits
  • type of loss you’re claiming

It may also require that you attach any damage calculations or estimates supporting your claims. You must fill out the form in its entirety, have it notarized, and provide it to your insurance company in a timely manner. Most homeowner’s insurance policies require that you fill out the Proof of Loss form and return it to the insurance company within 60 days of when the insurer requested it. Missing any deadlines can lead to delays in reimbursements which can hamper the repairs at your home or office.

When do You have to fill out a Proof of Loss Form?

The most important thing to remember about a Proof of Loss Form is that if your insurer requests that you provide one, you must comply with their request prior to moving forward with your damage claim or filing a lawsuit against the insurance company. If you fail or refuse to comply with the insurance company’s request along with any other requested information, this will be deemed a “failure to cooperate” by your insurer. This could result in the insurance company refusing to pay for your losses.

Common Mistakes Policyholders make when filling out the Form

Unless additional information is requested, the Proof of Loss Form is a simple one-page form. Unfortunately, many policyholders make the following mistakes when filling out the Proof of Loss Form:

  • Failure to meet your deadline
  • Forgetting to sign the form or have it notarized
  • Not knowing the requirements of your homeowner’s policy
  • Not requesting an extension when one is needed
  • Not understanding the laws of your jurisdiction

The bottom line is that the Proof of Loss Form is the insurer’s way of having you swear that your version of what happened is the truth.

If you are required to complete and sign a Proof of Loss Form to support your loss claim, it is highly recommended that you discuss this with an experienced insurance claim lawyer. The right lawyer is familiar with the ploys and tactics used by the insurance companies when denying damage claims. For information regarding Proof of Loss claims or for assistance with yours, call the Korin Law, P.A. firm today.

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