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Sometimes homeowners assume most things are covered by their home insurance when in reality they are not. Unexpected things can happen anytime, therefore, it’s essential understanding what’s covered and what’s not. Remember your home insurance provides coverage for serious disasters that may strike your property. Some other things you will be left paying on your own. With the assistance of a Miami insurance claims lawyer chances are your home insurance needs are met and you will get more compensation.

Some of the most common disasters your homeowners insurance won’t cover your include:

    • Pet damage and dog attacks – When your pet damages your personal property chances are you will have to pay for these damages. However, when it comes down to structural damage, these are generally covered by your insurance company. In regards to dog attacks, some aggressive breeds are generally excluded or dogs that have bitten someone before, even when their breed is not included in the ‘aggressive breed’ category.n
    • Wild animals – These are looked at just like pets, therefore, damage caused by them will not be covered by your insurance company.n
    • Mold – Mold damage coverage is generally limited or excluded. Some insurers may expand coverage limits but you will have to pay more for the insurance.n
    • Code upgrades – Remember your home insurance pays to repair your house the way you had it before. If you decide to do any upgrades to your property after a covered peril, chances are you are on your own.n
    • Construction work damage – Likewise, when renovating your home, your insurance won’t cover damages done to your property during the remodeling project. Make sure your contractor is licensed and will cover any damages done to your property. You can also ask your provider if there is any separate policy available to cover any potential damage.n
    • Termite infestation – There is around $5 million calculated in annual termite damage in United States. Unfortunately, this is not covered by your home insurance policies.n
    • Floods – Sometimes homeowners think their insurance policy covers flood but it doesn’t. It’s important you have a separate flood insurance.n
    • Earthquakes – Damages caused by earthquakes are not covered by the insurance policy.n
    • Pool accidents – Although some policies may include coverage for a pool, it may be good to purchase additional coverage. Insurances report a huge amount of drawings occurring in residential pools which will eventually increase your liability risk.n
    • Fried electronics – Any electronics zapped during power surge aren’t generally covered under your insurance policy. If there is a faulty power line, your utility provider is responsible for it. Lighting strikes, on the other hand, is covered.n

We can help

Natural disasters are inevitable in South Florida. It’s important to have a Miami insurance claims lawyer with depth of knowledge about different insurance companies policies, coverage, and things that may be excluded from your coverage. At Korin Law, P.A. we understand your struggles. We explain your legal options and take on the burden for you. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation with Jonathan Korin.

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