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There are three must-have things you need to buy after moving to Florida: sunglasses, bicycle, and home insurance. I know what you are thinking, “Hell no, I’d rather spent those $2,800 per year (the average cost of home insurance in the Sunshine State) on something else.”

Yes, it is true that the cost of home insurance in Florida is roughly 50 percent higher than the national average in the United States, but in no way does it mean that you should (a) move out or (b) avoid buying home insurance altogether.

In fact, living in Florida is incredible and it is critical to secure your abode in the state with a good homeowner insurance plan. To figure out what makes a home insurance policy “good,” we invited our Miami property damage attorney from the Korin Law, P.A.

How to buy home insurance?

Florida and property damage are practically synonymous, as the Sunshine State is no stranger to hurricanes, storms, floods, sinkholes, and other disaster that could leave your home in tatters (and all your belongings along with it, including the bicycle and sunglasses).

That means the importance of buying home insurance in Miami and all across Florida cannot be overstated. But do not buy just any home insurance plan that you are offered by big-name insurers. Instead, take into account several factors before purchasing home insurance.

Our best property damage attorneys in Florida say that there are at least four questions you have to ask yourself before making your final decision about the insurance plan you are going to purchase:

  1. Where in Florida is your house located?
  2. How common are natural disaster for this part of Florida?
  3. What is the dwelling value of your house?
  4. How was your house built? (materials used, type of construction used, number of floors, etc.)

Do you even need flood and hurricane insurance?

This is one of the most common questions that arises in the minds of homeowners in Miami and all across Florida. And answering the question, “Frankly, you do.” You see, even though avoiding this type of insurance may help you save hundreds of dollars per year, it would be quite risky to avoid flood insurance given the unpredictability of hurricanes and storms and their destructive power in Florida. If you still have doubts, Google Hurricane Irma and Harvey.

The same goes for hurricane and storm insurance. Florida has seen some of the most devastating hurricane landfalls in U.S. history, and this is reason enough to buy this type of insurance.

Do your research

You have probably heard this plenty of times. When you are shopping for laptops, smartphones, mowers, or any other product, you spend several hours Googling the best products within that category, comparing prices, pros and cons, and all that.

And the process of shopping for home insurance in Florida should not be any different. Do not chase after big-name insurance companies that will feed you with their “name” and nothing else. Instead, see what is in the package, or, as they say, do not judge a book by its cover.

Act quick, the hurricane season is coming

You do not have much time before the hurricane season (June 1) makes its landfall in Miami and all across Florida. And while Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and homeowners in Florida hope that the coming hurricane season will be less devastating that last year’s season, you should always be prepared for the worst.

Do not make the mistake that 80 percent of Floridians affected by Hurricane Irma did last year. They thought their home insurance would cover flood damages, but it did not. So let an experienced Miami property damage attorney review your current (or future) home insurance policy to find out what is covered and what is not.

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