It is a frightening and an all too common scenario throughout South Florida. Each day countless homeowners fall victim to burglaries. Not only have you lost many of your valuable and sentimental possessions, you also feel violated. Unfortunately, theft is one of the most common crimes. Whether it is cash, jewelry or even your car, the loss of these items can have devastating financial effects. If your home and car are insured, you are entitled to a payment from the insurance company. However, there is a troubling trend in the insurance industry. Far too many victims of theft are getting lowballed from their insurance companies. Some insurance claims are even denied. By paying your premiums on time, you have placed faith in the insurance company to come through with a fair settlement when you need them the most. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Recover The Theft Settlement You Deserve

Attorney Jonathan Korin and his legal team understand the emotional pain and frustration of property theft victims. It is bad enough to lose your personal items to someone who has broken into your home or vehicle. But when the insurance company has denied or offered you less for your claim, it can turn frustration into anger. The legal team at Korin Law, P.A in Miami is committed to help resolve your dispute with the insurance company and receive the settlement you are entitled. We take the stress out of dealing with your insurance company by providing comprehensive legal representation and counsel. As a skilled negotiators, Korin Law, P.A can deal with the insurance company on your behalf to help resolve your issue.

What You Should Do to File a Theft Claim?
  • Make sure you have the receipts for your lost items–especially for your car, jewelry, computer equipment, weapons etc.
  • Make a complete inventory of all your stolen possessions.
  • Notify the police immediately and file a report.
  • Contact the insurance company.

Taking photos and notifying the police and insurance company is just part of the process. There are some other important factors to consider. Make sure to list when and where your valuable items were purchased. Also, list the brand, model and price of each item. When it comes to recovering a fair settlement, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Be as thorough and complete as possible. The insurance company should provide complete documentation of everything reported and how it affects your claim.

We understand nothing can replace some of your rare and sentimental possessions. But you are entitled to receive a fair settlement to account for your losses. Let us help you regain peace of mind and get the theft settlement you deserve. Take the first step and contact the office of Korin Law, P.A. in Miami for a free consultation today.

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