Korin Law, P.A. Can Help Resolve Your Insurance Disputes.

Have you ever wondered how insurance companies assess property damage? They have their own team of insurance adjusters who specialize in the inspection of home and damaged property. If your home has been damaged by a fire, hurricane or any kind of disaster the Insurance Company will pay out a settlement based on the appraisals completed by their adjuster. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may not provide an adequate settlement to allow policyholders to pay for their damages. This can leave homeowners in a difficult position.

Protecting the Rights of Miami Homeowners

Did you know homeowners can hire their own public adjusters? If you are currently involved in a dispute with your insurance company, attorney Jonathan Korin and his legal team can help. As an experienced and knowledgeable Miami insurance lawyer, he will send out his own adjuster to work on your behalf. But a public adjuster can do so much more than just assess damage. They can also perform the following functions:

  • Fill out your claim and deal with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Take photos and present visual evidence of your damage.
  • Create an accurate and complete appraisal of all damaged items.
  • Create a complete inventory of all damages.
  • Properly review each client’s insurance policy.
  • Provide advisement on what the client should expect for a proper settlement.
  • Provide an accurate estimate for all repairs and replacing lost possessions.
  • Seek input from outside experts to support your case.
  • File your claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

Filing insurance claims on your own can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Everything must be accounted for. The legal team at Korin Law, P.A. can provide its own public adjuster to help make your life much easier. Over the years, Jonathan Korin has developed relationships with some of the most respected insurance adjusters and people in the insurance industry. He and his staff work tirelessly to protect the rights of each client to ensure they receive the settlement they deserve.

Get the Insurance Settlement You Deserve!

Every homeowner needs insurance. When you pay hefty premiums, you should expect to receive a fair settlement to cover your damages. Insurance companies are no different than any other business. Each company is trying to maximize its profits. Sometimes these cost cutting measures can come at the expense of the policyholder. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to give out settlements that are far less than fair. That is why it is essential to have an experienced insurance lawyer with a public adjuster on your side. At Korin Law, P.A., we utilize a comprehensive and aggressive approach to ensure clients receive the best possible results. Each client is always treated as a top priority. Do not “settle” for just any insurance compensation. Get the proper settlement you deserve. Contact the office of Korin Law, P.A. in Miami and take the first step to recovering the money you need and regain your peace of mind.

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