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A North Miami woman is suing her county and a pumping station for serious property damage and health issues caused by years of terrible sewage leaks.

Gwendolyn West’s home in North Miami has been “literally under attack” by rivers of sewage and excrements, as described in a lawsuit filed by her Miami property damage lawyer.

Fact: sewer backup incidents increase at a rate of 3% per year in the U.S. What if your home is next?

West, who is living near a Miami-Dade pumping station that has been renovating and upgrading its system for years, is fed up with sewage leaks that have caused severe damage to her property and lawn, and even caused her serious respiratory problems.

The sewage leaks, which spill water and excrements into her yard, have been investigated by FEMA, which concluded that the sewage was an “immediate and severe health hazard” to West and her neighbors in North Miami.

How sewage leaks can damage your property (and health)

The seemingly endless sewage leaks even forced West out of her home, as the unhealthy and foul smell of the raw sewage makes it unbearable and dangerous to live there.

West, who was forced to move into a mobile home, is now seeking more than $15,000 in damages, though neither the city nor the county is eager to admit their fault.

In the lawsuit filed by her property damage attorney in North Miami, West complains that both North Miami and Miami-Dade keep pointing the finger of blame at one another.

The county blames the city’s faulty pipes for the sewage leaks, while the city claims the county’s processing plant is responsible for the damage. West is suing both North Miami and Miami-Dade to seek damages.

West has been victim of sewage leaks for over 10 years now. The first such explosion of sewage onto her lawn and property occurred in 2007 due to a ruptured sewage line.

Then, in the summer of 2016, more sewage explosions attacked her property in North Miami. In June that year, the woman was even hospitalized with breathing problems.

Who should be sued for property damage?

Our property damage attorneys at Korin Law explain that not only can sewage leaks severely damage your property, but also negatively affect your health, because sewer backup contains dirty and unsanitary water from multiple sewers.

That’s why sewage leaks from pipes and drainage systems can cause severe injuries and damages. While causes of sewage leaks vary from one case to another, our best property damage lawyers in Miami outline potential sources of sewer backup:

    • The city sanitary main getting blocked;
    • Worn-out and rusty sewer systems being no longer able to function properly and requiring repair;
    • Tree roots damaging water entry pipes, especially older pipes, and causing blockages and sewage leaks;
    • Problems in the sanitary main and city-related pipeline issues.

If your property has been damaged by sewage leaks or you have suffered injuries due to a faulty sewer system, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages and injuries.

Sewage systems in Miami may be operated either by local municipality agencies, the county, the city or independent operators. Consult our property damage attorneys to determine liability for the sewage leak, evaluate the full value of property and health damage and, if necessary, start legal action.

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