Insurance Claims for Pipe Leaks

It is easy to take your pipes for granted. Each day, Miami homeowners depend on their plumbing systems to take a shower, wash their dishes, wash clothes or water their lawns. But what happens when your water heater or plumbing fixtures start leaking? It is even worse when your insurance company fails to provide a sufficient settlement or even denies your insurance claim. If you have lost a job, have gone through a divorce or have high medical bills, paying for your damages can become a huge financial burden and creates a nightmarish situation.

The Consequences of Pipe Leaks

A pipe leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home or commercial property. There is no such thing as a minor pipe leak. Even the smallest leaks can cause flooding that can result in water damage along with the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. It can also cause long-term structural damage to your home, furniture and the loss of countless valuable possessions. When you pay expensive insurance premiums, you expect appropriate results. Unfortunately, far too many insurance companies fail to provide the sufficient amount of compensation to pay for the damages and property loss. Even worse, some insurance claims are denied.

Why Hiring a Miami Insurance Lawyer is a Smart Decision ?

Far too many homeowners blindly accept what their insurance companies provide for compensation. What you do not know about Florida insurance law can hurt you financially. Here at Korin Law, P.A., our job is to help each client recover the proper settlement to pay for their damages and move on with their lives.

When your North Miami Beach home has been damaged by pipe leaks, it can be a very frustrating time in your life. Everybody should expect to be treated fairly by their insurance company. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Choosing the right Miami property damage attorney is crucial to recovering the money you desperately need. Insurance attorney Jonathan Korin and his legal team bring years of knowledge and experience in Florida insurance law to help protect the rights of homeowners and help them legally resolve their issues. There is no substitute for having a reputable insurance lawyer on your side to get the best results.

Take Action!

If your home has been damaged by a pipe leaks, do not wait to take action. Get the problem fixed right away. The same goes for dealing with insurance companies. When it comes to resolving an insurance claim dispute, the worst thing you can do is procrastinate. Here at Korin Law, P.A., we take pride in utilizing a comprehensive approach to resolving each issue. We understand the enormous amount of hardships our clients have gone through with their homes and dealing with insurance companies. Count on the Miami insurance lawyers committed to fighting for your rights. Contact Korin Law, P.A. and schedule your consultation today.

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