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If you own a home in Miami or elsewhere in Florida and you carry some sort of a homeowner insurance policy, you may be wondering if your insurance will cover paint damage. Or, worse, your home needs paint work due to paint damage or bubbling paint, so you wonder if there is coverage for a paint job.

In some cases, there is. In others, meanwhile, there is not, our Miami paint damage attorney from the Korin Law, PA, says. So how do you know if your homeowner insurance will cover paint damage or not?

In short, it depends on the circumstances of your case. But if you are here for the long and comprehensive answer, keep reading.

Unpreventable or unavoidable paint damage

Whether you are planning some home repair involving paint work, or you would like to freshen up your walls at home, or your paint has been damaged due to water damage, your paint job may or may not be covered by your homeowner insurance policy.

Typically, homeowner insurance policies in Miami and elsewhere in Florida provide their policyholders with coverage for paint damage or bubbling paint when there has been unpreventable or unavoidable damage. But what does it mean, exactly?

Is paint damage covered by homeowner insurance?

You are probably aware of the hazards and types of damages that are covered by your home insurance policy (if you are not, consult our Miami paint damage lawyer who will carefully examine your policy). Basically, if the paint has been damaged as a result of a covered hazard, your insurance company will most likely cover your damages (provide payment for the materials necessary to repair bubbling paint).

For example, if your house has been affected by a wildfire and the paint has been severely damaged, your insurer will most likely provide money to help you rebuild and fix the paint damage.

When paint damage is not covered by insurance

But paint damage and bubbling paint are not covered by insurance in 100 percent of all cases. If this was that simple, residents of Miami and all across Florida would be repainting their homes whenever they want for free. There are actually quite a few restrictions that prevent homeowners from seeking insurance coverage for certain types of paint damage.

Just because you want to repaint your bedroom does not mean that you are in need of money to recover from an unavailable hazard. Your insurance company will most likely not provide coverage for paint deterioration, repainting, and wear and tear paint and damage (unless, of course, it was damaged by one of the covered hazards).

How to receive compensation for paint damage?

In order to receive coverage for your paint damage claim, you need to make sure that your insurance policy does not exclude the cause of the damage. For example, many home insurance policies in Miami and all across Florida exclude flood coverage. That means: if a homeowner suffers severe paint damage due to a weather-related flood, his insurance will most likely refuse to provide funds to cover paint damage.

But, on the other hand, if bubbling paint occurs due to water damage from burst pipes, you may be able to seek coverage for paint damage. However, it is highly advised to speak to a Miami paint damage attorney about your particular case, as many insurers in Florida prevent homeowners from receiving coverage for paint damage due to their many exclusions. Not to mention that many insurance companies employ unfair insurance claim practices to deny coverage or minimize the value of bubbling paint claims.

Contact the Korin Law, PA, to find out whether or not you are entitled to receive coverage for paint damage, and ensure that you are getting fair and adequate coverage for the property damage suffered. Call our offices at (786) 870-4266 or complete this contact form to get a free consultation.

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