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No matter how well maintained your Miami roof is, leaks can happen, particularly during the cold winter months. If you’ve spotted a water stain or wet park on one of your walls or ceilings, it was more than likely very quickly followed by a feeling of dread about having to contact your insurers and make a claim. While an insurance payout can be a lifesaver when it comes to repairing damage to your home, getting to that point can be an arduous task. The first step towards making a successful claim is knowing what you’re dealing with, and not falling for any common myths that could be making matters worse.

Roof Leak Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Not only could some of these myths lead to worse damage to your home if you fall for them, they may also enable greedy roofers to inflate their estimate, only for your insurer to reject the claim. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to deal with a roof leak but, if you do, you’ll be wise to these common untruths.

    1. Your roof might be leaking some distance from a ceiling stain. This is very unlikely, and a reputable roofer will normally find the leak directly above any stain that has appeared
    1. Fiberglass can absorb water and cause mold. In truth, fiberglass can’t absorb much, and will not be causing mold to grow throughout your house. Any water which gathers in your roof will soon find the nearest hole to escape through (normally a nail or a light fitting), otherwise, it’ll puddle
    1. A roof leak is the only reason for a ceiling stain. Rather than this being 100{d03e9f7f631a0069f5cd5f8e025269030cfdd9e23965fd0744812fdae0b93f10} accurate, you could find that the stain has been caused by water coming from an air-conditioning unit in need of a service. You can easily check this by looking for water in the pan under your air handler
    1. You can get wall stains without ceiling stains. If there’s really a roof leak, you’ll have a ceiling stain very close to any wall stains. If not, the issue isn’t your roof. If the wall stain is near a window, consider getting that window waterproofed, rather than tackling your roof

Can a Miami Insurance Claims Attorney Help?

If you’ve been swindled by an unscrupulous roofer who’s charged a small fortune to fix a non-existent leak, or if you’re having other issues with an insurer, our Miami-based Insurance Claims Attorney may be the answer to your problems.

When an insurance company doesn’t act in the best interests of a client, meaning you’re left out of pocket for essential repairs, Attorney Jonathan Korin, based in Miami, has an arsenal of legal techniques ready to be employed. As an Insurance Claims Attorney, he has assisted many homeowners and business owners with their insurance disputes, and is always prepared to fight for your rights in the courtroom.

To discuss your insurance claim issue with an experienced attorney, contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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