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The Federal Emergency Management Agency warns residents in Miami and all across Florida that the hurricane season is on the doorstep, and there are ways to prevent or minimize the extent of injuries and home damage from hurricanes.

Many residents in Florida are still dealing with the aftermath of the destructive hurricane Irma from 2017, but a new hurricane season is coming. With experts estimating the impact of Hurricane Irma to the U.S. economy to be around $300 billion, the FEMA wants to minimize the damage from new hurricanes that could wreak havoc in Florida in the coming months.

Fact: Florida has seen almost double the number of recorded hurricane landfalls of any other state in our country.

Buy flood insurance coverage

The FEMA has outlined a list of ways homeowners in Miami and all across Florida can protect their property and minimize the magnitude of damage hurricanes can bring this hurricane season, which starts June 1.

Since many homeowners in Florida did not have flood insurance coverage before Hurricane Irma last year, the FEMA warns Florida residents to be better prepared for the new hurricane season. But do not purchase just any flood insurance, let an experienced Miami hurricane damage attorney review the terms and conditions you are being offered in the flood insurance policy before paying a massive amount of money on insurance.

Note: most home insurance policies in Florida do not cover flood-related damage from hurricanes.

It is highly advised to purchase flood insurance as soon as possible, as National Flood Insurance Program policies take effect 30 days after purchase. You have no time to waste, especially considering that the new hurricane season is just around the corner, says our hurricane damage attorney in Miami at the Korin Law, P.A.

Look at the surroundings

Since garbage cans, garden tools, and other objects in your backyard and outside the house can become projectiles during a hurricane, consider securing these items inside to minimize the risk of injuries and property damage in case of strong winds.

Also, it is recommended to purchase storm shutters to protect windows, the inside of your home, and yourself when objects will be hitting the windows under strong winds. In order to minimize flood damage from the incoming hurricane season, make sure that the gutters and downspouts on your property do not contain debris such as leaves and twigs as well as garbage. You need to ensure interrupted passage of water to prevent rainwater from accumulating and not being able to drain.

Do not count on FEMA if storms strike

At the annual Governor’s Conference on Hurricanes in Florida earlier this week, FEMA Administrator Brock Long insisted that his agency along with other federal agencies are still recovering from last year’s destructive disasters, including hurricanes and wildfires, and may not have enough resources to respond to the hurricane season efficiently.

In addition to that, the ongoing volcanic eruption in Hawaii could minimize the effectiveness of disaster assistance in Florida this coming hurricane season. That is why Long advises local officials to be better equipped for the hurricane season and have enough water and other essential products and services in place at least for the first few days after the storm strikes the states.

If you are wondering whether or not your home insurance policy will cover potential damages from the coming hurricane season in Miami or elsewhere in Florida, speak to our Miami hurricane damage attorney at the Korin Law, P.A. Get a free consultation by calling our offices at (786) 870-4266 or complete this contact form.

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