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2017 is thought to be the year with the highest amount if costs and expenses relating to natural disasters ever recorded. With the estimated costs running up to a minimum of $306 billion the question always arises as to what to do when facing a situation like this. In January alone there were over sixteen different events that exceeded damage costs of $1 billion in the state of Florida, according to The National Atmospheric Administration. The problem with these disasters is the fact that there is a lot of property damage leaving the affected very vulnerable.

Why is Florida affected so badly?

It is quite alarming that these numbers are so catastrophically high, but when we look at the weather and why these events have occurred, we can see the real problems and why there is so much property damage. The South Florida Water Management District states that ‘ Florida only has two seasons: rainy and dry’. Both of these weather situations can lead to adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes, floods, and even drought.

Currently, floods are the number one natural disaster within the United States. With just a few inches of water causing extreme damage and the total claims over a nine-year period averaging a total of $4 billion worth of claims over a nine-year period, roughly $42,000 per claim the issue that occurs with floods are really highlighted.

The way Florida is built it is an easy target for whenever a natural disaster hits. With huge cities built from one end to another on a rapid timescale, it’s not surprising that Florida suffers so badly every time a natural disaster hits. Studies actually show that the larger the population and infrastructure of a city the more devastation it will sustain during the unfortunate event of a natural disaster. Currently, there are twenty times more people in Miami Beach than there was forty years ago, making the devastation more widespread.

How to move forward after a natural disaster hits?

While every natural disaster causes immense amounts of damage all across the area is effects, it is essential when rebuilding the areas that are damaged better zoning and land-use practices are used and that all new infrastructures and up to code. This means all buildings are resistant to whatever mother nature will throw at the city.

Ideally, human population should be living a few miles away from the coast but with 39 percent of the US population living on the coast, it is something that is seen as unavoidable. Knowing the concerns around these areas when natural disasters hit, it is essential to have a preplanned protective measure in place to safeguard the population. It is also important in these areas to have the right type of insurance in place.

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