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The state fund in Miami may be required to pay up to $5.1 billion in insurance claims in the wake of the devastating damage by Hurricane Irma.
nHurricane Irma is long gone, but its catastrophic damage has left residents in Miami and Florida bracing for the worst: trying to repair their homes and getting the state fund to help them cover repairs.

If you’re one of those whose property has been destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Irma, you’re not alone. According to estimations, there could be 450,000 claims for insurance payments resulting from the deadly hurricane.

But you shouldn’t hesitate. One of the tips to get an insurance payment for the Hurricane Irma damages is to report your claim as soon as possible, as your insurance company may be overloaded with similar claims if you choose to wait.

Fact: the state fund may be able to pay out as much as up to $5.1 billion in insurance claims, which means you have a good chance of getting an insurance claim if your property was destroyed or damaged in Miami.

Tips to get an insurance payment for Hurricane Irma damages

1. File the insurance claim as soon as you can. To speed up the process, hire an independent adjuster to properly assess all the damage to your property in Miami.
nThis can be done by contacting Korin Law, P.A., one of few law firms in Miami that will not only represent you in court and protect your rights, but also send an adjuster to assess all damage to your property.

Note: insurance companies may try to minimize the damage intentionally, as they are not interested in paying more.

2. Consult our team of Miami insurance attorneys to know your best strategy in negotiating with the insurance company. Document your every conversation with the insurer.

3. Keep receipts for any expenses related to repairs of damages done to your property in Miami as a result of Hurricane Irma as well as living expenses outside your damaged property (hotel, meals) and evacuation costs.

4. Reach out to your car accident attorney if your car was damaged by fallen trees and/or flooding..

5. If you have no insurance policy, consult our insurance attorney at Korin Law, P.A., about your alternative options for getting your home repairs covered after Hurricane Irma. These options may include nonprofit groups and

Navigating an insurance claim in the wake of a hurricane can be tough, and not every insurance company in Miami is fair or unbiased when it comes to estimating the damage done by hurricanes.
nThat’s why you need someone by your side who would be acting in your best interests. Jonathan Korin and his legal team have lived in Miami their entire lives, which means they know what it’s like dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane.

Our insurance attorneys work day and night to secure fair insurance payments for victims and those affected by the devastating Hurricane Irma. We have a proven track record of handling disputes and getting insurance companies to pay for property repairs in full.
nCall our Miami offices at 786-870-4266 or fill out this contact form to get a free case evaluation from our experienced insurance attorneys.

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