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Insurance companies can be tricky. We have all heard the catchy slogans and commercial jingles on how their policyholders are in good hands from a good neighbor. But what happens when your water damage claim has been denied? Maybe you are dealing with an underpaid insurance settlement for fire damage or windstorm damage. It doesn’t seem fair. Unfortunately, insurance companies do it all the time. The results can be disastrous for Miami homeowners who desperately need the right amount of compensation to pay for their damages and cover the loss of their valuable personal items. Before you contact a Miami insurance claims lawyer, there are a few things you can do to resolve a denied homeowner’s insurance claim.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Most homeowner’s insurance companies will have an agent assigned to handle all of your claims and questions. Good insurance agents will often take the time to develop a relationship with the policyholder. When contacting your agent, it is important to have good quality of evidence. Make sure you have multiple photos that capture any damage to your property. Videos, repair estimates and receipts of all your damaged personal belongings can also help bolster your claim. Once your paperwork has been thoroughly assessed, ask to speak with the person in charge of the claims department. Make sure to keep your emotions in check. Raising your voice and displaying anger will not help. Also ask if your home can be assessed again.

Contact an Independent Appraiser

Insurance companies use their own public adjusters to make an assessment of damage. However, many homeowners are unaware they can do the same. In far too many cases, insurance companies will cut corners during the appraisal process. It can leave homeowners in a very difficult position. Depending on the distance they need to travel to your home, a typical public adjuster will cost between $200 to $500. But if your insurance settlement is considerably less than what you deserve, hiring your own public adjuster can be a wise investment. It is also beneficial to get a second opinion. If there is a major difference between the two damage assessments, it is important to contact your insurance agent immediately.

Contact a Miami Insurance Claims Lawyer

Most insurance claim disputes can be resolved without taking legal action. However, if your insurance company refuses to comply with the assessment by your public adjuster, it is important to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable insurance claims lawyer that can help. Far too many people throughout Miami simply accept the settlement provided by their insurance company without checking to verify its value. It can prove to be very costly.

Miami insurance claims lawyer Jonathan Korin understands the frustration many South Florida homeowners go through with their insurance companies. He and his legal team are committed to protecting the rights of residential and commercial property owners that are dealing with disputes with their insurance companies. He utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place each client in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact the offices of Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a consultation today.

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