In Fire Damage

Few disasters are more devastating than a house fire. In addition to the loss of valuable personal items, it can leave a family homeless and in a dire financial crisis. When it comes time to file a fire damage insurance claim, it is crucial to make the right decisions to receive the maximum compensation. One of the biggest mistakes is to blindly file an insurance claim on your own. Unless you work in the insurance industry, it is vital to have a Miami insurance claims lawyer on your side with a significant track record of protecting the rights of homeowners and helping them receive the maximum compensation.

Do Not Procrastinate & Gather Visual Evidence

When it comes to handling fire damage claims, many insurance companies often take advantage of homeowners who fail to act quickly. The truth is insurance companies handle claims on a first come and first serve basis. Gather as much visual evidence as possible. Take plenty of photos and video of damage to your home.

Do Your Homework

Every insurance company has their own team of adjusters whose job is to properly assess damage. Take the time to learn about the adjuster assigned to evaluate your property’s condition. In some cases the insurance company may send an independent adjuster. It can make a tremendous difference on how your claim is processed and the amount of compensation the homeowner will receive. Make sure to find out the name of the adjuster and whether they are authorized to handle claims for your insurance company.

If you choose an independent public adjuster, it is important to ask questions. Many homeowners fall victim to adjusters that insist up-front fees for their services. It is important to understand adjusters work on a contingency basis. The adjuster will not get paid unless the homeowner receives a fire damage settlement.

Build Your Case

Insurance companies are no different than most businesses. Their primary goal is to make money. Unfortunately, it often comes at the expense of the policyholder. Although this may be a pessimistic view, homeowners should expect some resistance from the insurance company. Your best defense is to have all your documentation properly organized and ready. Your documentation should every person you spoke to with the insurance company, along with the time and date along with a brief description of the conversation.

Take Action

If the insurance company underpays or denies your fire damage claim, contact an insurance claims lawyer immediately. Miami home insurance claims attorney Jonathan Korin understands the frustrations of many homeowners. Over the years, he has helped countless clients recover the proper compensation they deserve by utilizing an aggressive and comprehensive approach. He knows exactly how the insurance industry operates and has a vast arsenal legal resources to help place each client in the best position to succeed. Contact a fire damage attorney with a track record of getting results. To learn more, contact the legal team at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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