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There are few disasters more devastating than a house fire. In addition to the physical injuries and emotional trauma of losing their property, homeowners must face the long road of rebuilding their lives back to normalcy. The first step often comes with filing a fire damage insurance claim. However, dealing with insurance companies is not always easy. In some cases, it can be even be more painful than coping with the fire itself. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances where house fire victims have either been underpaid, or denied their insurance settlement. It can create a nightmare situation. But there are ways to avoid the problem.

Each month, countless Miami homeowners pay huge premiums to their insurance companies to protect their biggest investment. While most hope to never have to deal with their insurance company. Should a disaster occur, it is always good to know someone has your back. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way. Here are some helpful solutions.

Save Your Receipts!

Insurance companies are no different than most businesses. They are looking to make money. However, sometimes it comes at the expense of the policyholder. One way insurance companies cut corners is underpaying settlements. One solution is to provide the insurance company with receipts of lost or damaged items. Because most people do not save receipts of items purchased years ago, insurance companies often take advantage.

Hire an Insurance Claims Attorney

Having an experienced legal professional on your side can make a huge difference when it comes time to collect the maximum settlement for your fire damage. Due to enormous amount of red tape, most homeowners do not properly understand their rights and may not know the correct documentation needed to process their fire damage claim quickly and accurately. An attorney can help obtain, fill out and file the proper documentation to get your claim processed as quickly as possible. An experienced Miami insurance claims attorney can also negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the client. Most disputes can be resolved with skillful negotiation. However, should the insurance company fail to cooperate, an attorney can help assist the homeowner take legal action and recover the proper compensation they deserve.

Beware of Recorded Statements of an Examination Under Oath

Any recorded statements made to the insurance company can be used against the homeowner. Do not make any statements without the presence of your attorney. It is also important to understand an examination under oath (EUO) is not required to process a claim. Any request made by the insurance company to give an EUO without the presence of an attorney is a violation of the homeowner’s rights.

Do You Have Fire Damage? Contact a Miami Insurance Claims Attorney Today

The loss of property due to a house fire can be devastating. Everything you have worked hard to earn can quickly go up in flames. If your fire damage claim has been underpaid or denied, contact a Miami insurance claims attorney with a track record of helping clients recover the maximum settlement. To learn more, contact the legal team at Korin Law, PA and schedule a consultation and get started with recovering the settlement you deserve.

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