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Social media has become a lifestyle for countless of users. It’s the place where many people share details about their personal life but it can also become the place where your home insurance company searches for information to confirm their fraud suspicions. We are just beginning to feel these effects as more claim investigators use social media platforms such as twitter and facebook to investigate fraudulent claims. Perhaps it’s time you become more aware of this issue and learn about things to avoid when posting online.

Selfies and emoticons

We live in the era of selfies and emojis. As innocent as it might sound, your posting habits can get out of hand and you might end up posting more than you are supposed to. Social media can be addicting and it can also ruin your relationship with your insurer. For example, if you just posted a photo that you went on vacation and a burglary occurs during this time, you may be held responsible for it. Why is this? Many insurance companies require you to protect your home. If you published risky information about being away and perhaps left a window opened, chances are your home insurance will refuse to provide any compensation for your losses. Social media will also reveal any fraudulent claims. Your home insurer only needs to take a look at the few recent shots posted online.

Protect yourself

Perhaps it’s time to exercise some caution when posting online. Post those pics later on after returning from your trip. Don’t give away details about your absence and configure your security settings properly. If you are tempted to file a false claim, just don’t. It might come back to haunt you throughout different social media platforms. You may also want to think about those GPS trackers out there. As your location is switched on, burglars will know your location and have a feast with your belongings. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for this. When in doubt, google yourself and see what’s posted out there about you.

Why a Miami insurance claims lawyer?

Many insurance companies are after your money. They act nicely as long as you don’t file a claim. However, when you find yourself in unexpected situations and need their help, they may disappear from your world. Tragedy can strike anybody and it’s important you protect your rights and the rights of your family beyond your insurance coverage. Insurance companies generally offer very little compared to what you are entitled to receive.

If you need the assistance of a Miami insurance claims lawyer, contact Jonathan korin today. As a harvard graduate and experienced attorney, he will be able to obtain the compensation you deserve. Whether you are a homeowner or the owner of a large company, he will treat you with the same respect and assure the best outcome of your claim.

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