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According to reports, the historic clubhouse at the National Golf Links of America in Southampton, NY, was extensively damaged by a fire on Wednesday, April 18. Firefighters were initially called to a fire on the roof of the clubhouse late on Wednesday morning, only to find that the gates were too narrow for the firetrucks to fit through. The flames were extinguished by 2.40pm thanks to around 100 firefighters transporting water up a hill to the east of the building. No injuries requiring medical attention were sustained during the blaze, and much of the historical documents stored in the clubhouse were, reportedly, at the other end of the building and, as such, untouched.

No further information has been made available about either the cause of the fire or details of the damage.

In a House Fire, Damage Is Not Only Caused by the Actual Fire

As humans, we all instinctively know that fire is dangerous, and will generally do what we can to avoid it. However, despite the focus mainly being on the flames when you think of a building fire, the truth is that the fire itself tends not to cause much of the damage. Aside from the obvious fire damage, when your home has been affected by a blaze, you may find that the smoke damage and water damage caused when extinguishing the flames are significantly more extensive. Of course, if it comes down to choosing between letting your home burn to the ground, or having the fire department hose water into it, there is no choice really.

Whatever kind of fire you are affected by, and no matter what has actually caused the damage, a lengthy battle with your insurer is sure to be the last thing you want to do immediately afterward. Unfortunately, it is almost equally certain that your insurance company will want to scrutinize the minutiae of your claim, with a view to minimizing their own payout.

With legal expertise and guidance from an expert Miami fire damage attorney, you could take the time you need to recover from the traumatic incident, while we handle your insurance claim. It is very likely that you will recover a higher settlement when you have the right legal team on your side too. According to statistics, Florida homeowners who choose to deal directly with their insurance provider without legal assistance tend to recover around 50% of the cost of damages.

With this in mind, why would you take the chance of going it alone?

How to Get a Miami Fire Damage Attorney on Your Side

Getting the strong legal representation you need could not be simpler. All you need to do is call Korin Law, PA on 305-900-HOME (4663) today to arrange a free consultation with an outstanding Miami fire damage attorney.

Once we have discussed the specifics of your claim, we can advise on how best to proceed, including how to value the damages incurred in your house fire.

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