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It didn’t take long for the rainy season to rear its ugly head in South Florida. From Deerfield Beach to Homestead, the torrential rain has led to floods, roofs leaks and countless cases of water damage. The scary part is Hurricane Season just got started. In just the first week of June, South Florida’s streets have started to resemble canals. The Sawgrass Mills Mall was closed for one day due to heavy flooding in the parking lot. Flash floods have ravaged neighborhoods. In addition to the heavy rains, some buildings suffered damage from lightning. There was even a tornado warning.

Does Your Home Have Flood Insurance?

Floods are always a threat in South Florida. Even neighborhoods with good drainage systems are not immune to flood damage in Miami. Most homeowners have homeowner’s insurance. However, a significantly lower number have flood insurance. There are two major reasons. The first is many are unaware their homeowner’s insurance does not cover water damage caused by floods. Countless others have not taken the time to review their homeowner’s insurance policy. But the truth is enrolling for flood insurance makes cents–as in dollars and cents. Many people avoid enrolling because they don’t want to pay another set of premiums. But consider the alternative. You can either pay for flood insurance premiums now or suffer the consequences of widespread water damage to your property or your vehicles.

Check for Roof Leaks

Unfortunately, most Miami homeowners don’t know they have a roof leak until it actually happens. But there is a way to prevent roof leaks and further water damage to your home. A thorough roof inspection from a reputable roofing contractor can go a long way into securing your roof during rain and windstorms. A professional roofer can often identify potential problems most people can’t see. Far too many homeowners try to do their own roof repair. Regardless of how handy you are with tools, climbing on your roof can be dangerous. Leave the job up to a professional.

The Consequences of Water Damage

It’s hard to believe, but water is one of the biggest threats to your home. It can not only cause significant damage to your building materials, it can also affect your health. Water damage often results in the formation of dangerous mold, which can respiratory problems. Mold must be removed by a professional. In some cases, insurance companies may not cover reconstruction from the removal of mold.

Has Your Insurance Company Underpaid or Denied Your Water Damage Claim?

Some insurance companies have been known to underpay and even deny water damage claims. When it comes time to pay for damages, it can place homeowners in a tremendous financial burden. Fortunately, there are solutions. Miami insurance claims lawyer Jonathan Korin can help. Over the years, he has everyone from homeowners to commercial property owners recover the compensation they deserve. He and his legal team at Korin Law, P.A. utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place clients in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact his Miami law office today and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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