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Lucien E. Lebrun, a 96-year-old World War II veteran, saw his mobile home damaged significantly when Hurricane Irma rampaged through Florida last year and was recently threatened with eviction for failing to make the required repairs. Due to the aluminum being lifted off the mobile home’s walls by the hurricane, water could get into the walls, leading to the onset of rotting and further damage in Mr. Lebrun’s home. Lebrun, known as Chet, had previously applied for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help cover the cost of these repairs, but his claim was rejected and an appeal is still pending. Fortunately for Chet Lebrun, he lives in a community filled with people who were more than willing to help out.

Eviction Notice Served on 96-Year-Old Man

To make matters worse for Lebrun, the Cypress Shores retirement community, where his mobile home is sited, served him a notice stating that he had seven days to repair his property, or would be required to leave by February 23. As Lebrun is physically unable to make the repairs himself and had his application for aid denied, he could not see a feasible solution within reach and felt he would be forced to leave the community he has been part of since the 1970s.

Lebrun’s friend, Karen Bingham, who also holds Power of Attorney, set up a GoFundMe account to try and raise funds towards the mobile home repairs and received generous donations amounting to $14,000. On Tuesday, February 20, Chet’s story took a more positive turn when two local businessmen stepped in to buy him a new mobile home in a different retirement community. Rather than facing eviction, Chet will now be moving into a new home within the next few days.

Tackling Water Damage with a Miami Attorney

As Chet Lebrun’s story shows all too clearly, you can’t always rely on safety measures falling into place when your property has been damaged in a storm or hurricane. If you’ve suffered property damage only to find your insurance company is refusing to pay out as they should, you need legal representation from an experienced Miami hurricane damage attorney.

While insurance is required by law, making a claim when you need it is not always as straightforward as you may expect. Not only could you face your insurer paying out less than you need, or denying your claim completely, you may be holding off on making any claim through fear of causing next year’s premium to skyrocket.

At Korin Law P.A we firmly believe that insurance companies should not be in the business of collecting premiums only to pay out minimal settlements, but it happens all too often. We’re here to channel our legal knowledge and expertise into making sure you get the outcome you deserve from your hurricane damage claim.

To discuss your case with an excellent Miami hurricane damage attorney, contact us today on 305-900-HOME (4663) to arrange a free initial consultation.

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