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There has always been questions raised when there are fires the effect that the particles produced from smoke may have on any electronic gadgets within the vicinity of the fire and smoke. The damage usually occurs to small microchips that are present in most electronic gadgets that are available in the model day and damage is not always instantaneous but can be gradually over a time period.

Often this damage can cause another fire in the house for example things like kitchen appliance damage can set the whole house to flames.

What the science says:

While there are many different thoughts behind the effects of fire and smoke on electrics one popular theory states “Equipment damage from smoke stems primarily from an increased resistance in circuits and connections by corrosive metal loss, and creating conductive paths for current leakage due to smoke deposition. The former may take hours or days after the fire is extinguished to manifest itself in equipment failure, while the latter may occur at failure levels any time soon after initial smoke exposure.”

In other words the damage that is caused by smoke to the appliances and other electronics do not need to manifest straight away. A small amount of damage may go unnoticed and continue to worsen with detrimental effects over time.

Another study states “The deleterious effects that combustion products generated during fires can have on normal construction materials have been well-documented. The combined effects of fire, corrosive smoke and particulate have been defined as fire corrosivity. While the effects of fire corrosivity are well-known, little quantitative information is available concerning the mechanisms involved and the degree to which materials, particularly metals, are susceptible. Consequently, a study which was conducted to begin examining the effects of fire and smoke corrosivity on metals is described and the results are presented. Various metal targets were exposed to corrosive smoke and fire particulate produced from polyvinylchloride (PVC) samples burned in a cone calorimeter. The target materials consisted of 304 stainless steel, 1010 carbon steel and 70-30 CuNi alloy. In addition to metal targets, electrical resistance probes were also utilized in the testing to monitor in-situ corrosion rates. The probe materials corresponded to the metal targets so that a comparison could be conducted. After testing, both the metal targets and corrosion probes were sectioned and prepared for analysis using standard metallographic techniques. The targets and probes were analyzed for corrosion products and depth of attack. Results from this testing show that all the metal targets proved highly susceptible to the effects of fire and smoke corrosivity attributed to the burning of PVC samples.”

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