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Anyone’s property can get damaged one day. Whether it’s fire damage, pipe leaks, wildfires, hurricanes, mold or a plethora of other culprits that can severely damage your property or even leave you homeless, there are many issues that arise.

What should you do after discovering that your property has been damaged? How to collect compensation to get your property repaired and get it over with?

Here at Korin Law, P.A., our best property damages attorneys in Miami have prepared a guide about how to file a property damage claim and collect damages.

Don’t deal with it alone

Dealing with insurers, the at-fault party, or the consequences of the natural disaster that caused property damage can be a confusing and complicated experience.

It’s difficult to think of a plan on what to do after you’ve been left without your vehicle – or worse, home – which is why it’s vital to seek legal advice of a Miami property damage attorney to do everything correct from a legal standpoint and get compensation ASAP.

If you know who damaged your property…

If you know who damaged your property, you must obtain contact information and insurance policy info of the party who damaged your property. This includes the at-fault party’s name, home address, phone number, insurance policy number, description, etc.

Write down all info that you think would be important during the legal action. Our attorneys remind that those who meticulously collect as much evidence and information as possible have a higher chance of winning a property damage claim.

Contrary to the popular belief, calling your insurance company to inform about the damage is not the first step you should take. It’s the second step. The first one would be to hire a property damage lawyer in your area to evaluate the full cost of your damages.

The problem with insurers in Miami is that they oftentimes employ dishonest and unfair insurance claim practices, conduct a biased investigation and do whatever it takes to minimize the value of your property damage settlement.

Just because an insurance adjuster carried a wide smile on his face when, from his own words, “trying to help you,” doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s on your side. After all, these guys get paid for helping their companies reduce insurance payments to policyholders.

If you DO NOT know who caused the damage…

Then it’s a whole different story. If there’s no way to determine who caused the damages, the other party is refusing to admit fault, or you can find out who was at-fault only after conducting an investigation, here’s what can happen to your property damage claim:

    1. You may incur some out-of-pocket expenses to file the claim; or
    1. If you aren’t legally represented by a lawyer, there’s a high risk of obtaining no compensation for your damages.

If your property, including home, was damaged by a vehicle in a hit-and-run incident, your home owner’s insurance policy will most likely provide you with coverage minus your deductible.

Filing a property damage in Florida without seeking legal advice of a Miami property damage attorney is a slippery slope. After all, you never know whether or not you have a solid case and sufficient proof of someone else’s fault.

Let our attorneys at Korin Law, P.A. help you find the best strategy in your particular case in order to get coverage for property damages as soon as possible. Contact our attorneys by calling at (786) 870-4266 or complete this contact form to get a free consultation.

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