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There is an old expression in the insurance industry. “Mold is gold.” This expression was coined due to huge jump of mold damage claims throughout Florida in the last ten years. But times change. Depending on the situation, some insurance companies may underpay or even deny mold damage claims. Before it happens to you, right now is a good time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure your home is properly covered.

The Consequences of Mold Damage

Mold damage is one of the most common types of homeowner’s insurance claims in Miami. Due to our rainy and humid climate, moisture is always a threat to your building materials. But mold infestation does much more than just wreak havoc on ceilings and walls. It can also cause health problems, including severe respiratory issues. However, most home and businesses owners do not take the time inspect the roofs or ceiling for leaks. Because it is an allergen, it must be removed properly and thoroughly. Among the most common health problems include:

    • Scratchy Throat
    • Sneezing
    • Wheezing
    • Coughing
    • Running Nose
    • Itchy Eyes
    • Difficulty Breathing

But when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, there are two common issues that can give Miami homeowners headaches. Some insurance companies do not cover new construction to remove mold. Others may play hardball when it comes to recovering the full compensation to pay for your damages. For example, insurance companies do not cover gradual water damage. Some insurance adjusters may see mold damage as the result of poor maintenance by the homeowner.

The Benefits of Hiring Your Own Public Adjuster

Filing a mold damage insurance claim can be a somewhat complicated process. Unfortunately, many insurance companies take advantage of homeowners that either failed to read the insurance policies or don’t properly understand their rights. Many people don’t know they can hire their own public adjuster to verify to recover the maximum compensation. In many cases, it can be an invaluable investment. It can often make the difference between paying for your damages or continuing to struggle financially. The best part is the public adjuster will get paid only if the homeowner gets paid.

A Miami Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Help

Every homeowner’s insurance claim is important. It is essential to recover the maximum compensation to account for your damages. One of the best sources is to seek representation from a Miami insurance claims lawyer with a track record of protecting the rights of homeowners and placing them in the best position to succeed. Over the years, attorney Jonathan Korin has seen countless cases of unethical practices by insurance companies.  He utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help client recover the settlement they deserve without having to go to court. However, should the insurance company fail to cooperate, he is prepared to do battle in the courtroom. He and his legal staff work diligently both in the courtroom and behind the scenes to help clients achieve their goals. To learn more on how he can help, contact the legal team at Korin Law, P.A. to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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