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A roof is a huge asset to a home in so many ways; it protects the homeowners inside from the changing temperatures, it protects everyone from participation such as rain and snow, and it completes the look of the home. A roof also protects any home updates you may do on your home while you are living there. Imagine a home that didn’t have a roof. Mold would grow in it because nothing would keep out the weather, fallen leaves in the fall, rain during the season, and of course snow. If you have noticed that your roof is beginning to leak after a rain, you may need to consider repairing it before it becomes too bad and the rain does damage to the inside of your frame. If you have homeowner’s insurance, what does it cover as far as leaky roofs? You as the homeowner needs to keep yourself informed of all the coverages allotted within your policy.

Roof Leaks and Insurance

There are different insurance companies and therefore, there are different insurance policies covering everything from porches to roof differently. So, what one insurance may cover, another will not. That’s why it’s so important to know your policy before you take it out. You also want to know how soon your insurance company can pay out if you were to have an insurance company that covers leaky roofs. You will find in most standard insurance policies, the home, including the roof, is covered in any situation where a covered disaster is listed. This means that a lightning strike, falling trees or limbs, fire, wind, an explosion, hail, the weight of ice, sleet, snow, or if a flying object lands on your home, such as an air vehicle. Theft and vandalism are also included as well as riots. These are things that you cannot control and are therefore covered.

Does Your Insurance Company Cover Roof Leaks? Maybe.

Leaky roofs are still under discussion because there is a different definition of a leaking roof. Another thing to consider is how much damage the roof caused. For example, if it has leaked so badly that the framing of your home is now being affected. Another factor to consider is what other damage was done to your home if any. If the roof was leaking, you can bet there is going to be more damage than you know; especially if the leak has continued for quite some time.

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It is important that you contact a home insurance lawyer in Miami that can represent you if your insurance company decides not to pay you for your roof damage. Remember, you didn’t ask for the roof to become weak and damaged and you shouldn’t be expected to pay for it either. You need a lawyer who can specialize in home insurance representation to assist you in explaining your policy facts and how they can help you get the most out of your insurance company when you need them the most.

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