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In a turn of events which demonstrates just how harmful a moment of carelessness can be, it appears that a cigarette thrown from the window of a vehicle was responsible for starting a brush fire near a Lakeland street on Wednesday, April 25. According to reports from the emergency services personnel who attended the scene, this fire eventually melted a light pole, causing it to fall into the road and back up traffic for over an hour. Florida Highway Patrol and city police and fire departments were called to the incident, where they found half a dozen trees in flames, and embers threatening to ignite more of the nearby vegetation.

While no in-depth details about the incident have been made public, it appears that the fire was caused by a lit cigarette being tossed from the window of a moving vehicle. This time, there were no injuries resulting from the careless, and downright dangerous, the behavior of the motorist but, through working as Miami fire damage attorneys, we know that not everyone is as lucky.

Korin Law Miami Fire Damage Attorneys Could Help You Recover Damages

Every year in Florida, millions of dollars of fire damage is caused to property, with some catastrophic consequences. From relatively minor fire and smoke damage to the total annihilation of an entire house, and the financially and sentimentally valuable items contained within, a fire can wreak devastation across all areas of your life. When you have been affected by a major house fire, you may lose your home, all of your possessions and, in many cases, suffer significant emotional distress. Of course, major blazes can also lead to serious injuries and even death. After such a traumatic event, the last thing you need is for your home insurance company to refuse to pay the appropriate amount to cover the costs of repairing and rebuilding your property, but this quickly becomes reality for many Miami fire damage victims

At Korin Law, P.A, we firmly believe that victims of fire damage have suffered enough. You are entitled to recover a full and fair settlement of your home insurance claim, and should not be left out of pocket due to an insurance company trying to save costs and cut corners. We understand how emotionally draining fire damage can be, meaning you can be confident that your Miami attorney will handle your case in a compassionate, empathetic manner, while aggressively pursuing your insurance provider.

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Your insurance company may have the benefit of having expert public adjusters and lawyers at their disposal, but there is no reason why you should not also be able to access outstanding legal representation. When you work with a Miami fire damage attorney from Korin Law, P.A, we will work tirelessly to secure a favorable settlement on your behalf, regardless of how determined your insurer is to avoid paying out.

Many of our Miami fire damage cases are settled without going to court but, just in case you need to go a step further, schedule your free initial consultation by calling Korin Law, P.A on 305-900-HOME (4663) today.

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