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The massive damage caused by wildfires in Northern California have been well documented. Hundreds of homes and businesses have already been destroyed. To put it into proper perspective, one fire was the size of New York City. But could those same huge wildfires happen in South Florida? The answer is yes and every homeowner should be concerned. But unlike hurricanes and windstorms, there are very little homeowners can do to protect their property from a massive wildfire. However, there are several ways homeowners can recover the maximum settlement for their fire damage claim.

The Dangers of Brush Fires in South Florida

It can be easy to forget that most of South Florida is made up of the Everglades and forest. Just one brush fire can quickly spread and spread significant damage. Already this year, wildfires have burned 250 percent more terrain throughout the Sunshine State compared to a year ago. According to Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, there are currently more than 100 active brush fires burning more than 20,000 acres across the state. Fortunately, there are environmental conditions that make wildfires less of a danger in South Florida compared to Northern California. Because of our humid and wet climate, fires are less likely to sustain their intensity compared to an area where there is less rainfall.

How to File a Fire Damage Claim

Few disasters are more emotionally and financially devastating than a house fire. It is vital for homeowners to recover the maximum settlement to account for their damages and lost possessions. But filing a fire damage claim is not always easy. It is important to be as thorough as possible. Here are some important tips:

    • Document all damages and losses: Regardless of how bad the damage, take plenty of photos damaged items. Make a list detailing each item. Keeping receipts and listing serial numbers can also help maximize your claim. The more specific information you provide, the faster the insurance adjuster can process all of your information.
    • Verify the Identity of the Insurance adjuster: This is one of the most overlooked factors when making a fire damage claim. Many times scammers will try to take advantage of homeowners after a disaster. Before the adjuster arrives at your property to assess damage, contact the insurance company and as for the identification of the adjuster before they enter your home.
    • Make sure the insurance adjuster sees all the damage: Another common mistake made by homeowners is to ignore the adjuster while they are evaluating damage to your property. Make sure they see the entire house. In many cases, adjusters are often in a hurry and sometimes do shoddy work.
    • Document all contact made with the insurance company: Once the insurance adjuster leaves your house, stay in contact through email. Also, keep and maintain any notes while the adjuster is evaluating the damage. Make note of any missed appointments or phone calls. It may come handy when it is time to resolve a dispute in court.
    • Make copies of all documentation: Being thorough can often make the difference between getting the maximum compensation or getting shortchanged by the insurance company. Make copies of everything you provide to the adjuster, including the inventory of lost and damaged items.

Miami Fire Damage Insurance Claims Attorney Jonathan Korin Can Help

Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes get difficult. In far too many cases, fire damage claims are underpaid or even denied by the insurance company. Over the years, Miami insurance claims attorney Jonathan Korin has utilized an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help owners recover the settlement they deserve. To learn more, contact the legal team at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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