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Christmas and New Year… Lots of food, catchy jingles on TV ads, alcohol-impaired people on the streets of Miami and… loads of fireworks.

For some people, celebrating a holiday without launching fireworks is the same as celebrating Thanksgiving without feasting on a turkey. For others, meanwhile, fireworks are quite annoying… and quite dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, but property damage lawyers love holidays because they are… well, holidays, and because thousands of fireworks are launched in Miami alone during the holiday season.

You wouldn’t believe just how much damage those fireworks cause. Fact: in 2013 alone, fireworks caused over 15,600 reported fires in the U.S., of which 1,400 were structure fires and 200 were vehicle fires. That’s a lot of damage property if you ask me. Not to mention that thousands of people get injured due to fireworks every year.

In fact, if you have a child under 15, you should be concerned for his/her safety around this time of year (especially if he/she enjoys hanging out with a couple of reckless friends).

Fact #2: over one-third (35%) of the people who suffered fireworks injuries are children under 15 (nine percent were under five).

How dangerous are fires caused by fireworks?

While firework injuries may leave people disabled for the rest of their lives and result in costly medical bills, fire damages to homes in Miami caused by these mesmerizing explosive displays are no less devastating.

Sure, no one would want to lose their fingers, become blind, disfigured or even die just for trying to have fun for a minute or two. But fireworks are also the source of property damage lawsuits in Miami, where beaches get crowded with people launching fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Not all of these fireworks travel upwards and may end up causing significant property damage to homes and loss of life of people who are inside those homes. Believe it or not, fireworks can be quite uncontrollable, and a firework rocket can do more damage than you would expect.

Our Miami property damage attorneys here at Korin Law are warning Florida residents ahead of Christmas and New Year that an ensuring fire can travel quite a distance and case devastating property damage, injuries, and fatalities. Not to mention that, if launched from a private property without asking the owner’s permission, firework lawsuits may involve claims for trespassing.

Who’s liable for property damage caused by fireworks?

If fireworks cause property damage, injuries or fatalities, the person who launched them may be held liable for negligence, as he/she failed to exercise reasonable care.

However, our property damage lawyers explain that other parties may also be held liable (for example, the owner of the property who gave the launcher his/her permission to use his property to launch fireworks).

Also, if property damage, injuries or fatalities are caused by defective fireworks, the manufacturer, distributor and the store that sold the rockets may be held accountable for product liability.

While Florida lawmakers have for decades debated whether or not banning fireworks would be the right decision to prevent thousands of fires, injuries, and fatalities, caused by fireworks every year, the best way to avoid firework-related accidents is to be very careful.

In fact, our property damage and personal injury attorneys at Korin Law insist that even those who don’t launch fireworks must use extreme caution. If you’re one of the spectators waiting for the explosive display, keep a safe distance from the launch site.

If you’re celebrating Christmas and New Year at home, stay away from the windows when you hear fireworks, as they may cause injuries. Also, it’s vital to have a fire distinguisher or two at your home to be prepared for the holidays.

Note: don’t let your children go out unsupervised during fireworks.

You wouldn’t want those fireworks to ruin your holidays, would you? If fireworks do ruin the holiday season, give our property damage attorneys at Korin Law a call. We offer a free initial consultation, and we’ll surely accept your calls during the holidays 24/7 (it’s our job to keep you and your loved ones safe, and your property repaired).

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