Water Damage may not be covered in Your Homeowner’s Policy

Even if the terms of your mortgage didn’t mandate carrying homeowner’s insurance, you would still carry it if you’re a Florida resident. This makes a lot of sense when you consider that your home [...]

What You Need To Know About Flood Insurance

If you live along the coastline, you will, unfortunately, be familiar with flooding. In Florida, you are at a higher risk of flooding with frequent sea level rising of about six feet. Such a rise [...]

What Kinds of Water Damage Am I Covered For?

In South Florida, most of us are very attuned to water and the damage it can do. With our history of hurricane activity, most of us understand how we need to protect our homes and what kind of [...]

What You Need to Know About Insurance Before You Buy That Waterfront Property in Florida

One of the joys of living in South Florida is being near the water. But as professional Miami insurance lawyers, we also know that one of the downfalls when it comes to that very thing is the [...]

Not All Water Damage is Covered By Home Insurance: Check Out Which Are

In the United States, water damage is one of the most common reasons why you will bring a home insurance claim. And that’s not surprising considering that water damage claims are the second [...]

Heavy Rains Bring Water Damage to South Florida

It didn’t take long for the rainy season to rear its ugly head in South Florida. From Deerfield Beach to Homestead, the torrential rain has led to floods, roofs leaks and countless cases of [...]

Does Your Home Have Pipe Erosion?

When most Miami homeowners think of disasters, they immediately think of hurricanes and windstorms. But there is a silent danger lurking in your home. It is easy to take your pipes for [...]

Are You Protected Against Gradual Water Damage?

Purchasing your first home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. But it does come with several new challenges. Unlike living in an apartment, Miami homeowners are responsible for the [...]

Sea Level Rise in Miami – Impact of Flooding

Climate change in the United States have caused rising seas to invade South Florida’s tranquil coasts. Researchers have found the number of people affected by this catastrophe in recent years [...]

National Flood Insurance Program Expiring Soon

The National Flood Insurance Program providing protection for millions of homeowners across the nation is expiring soon. Many realtors are concerned as this will pose a threat to about 21,000 [...]

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