The meaning of “Proof of Loss”

The first and no doubt most important step to take after your home has been damaged by a disaster is filing the “Proof of Loss” documents required by your insurer. The normal course of action is [...]

Why Would I Need an Insurance Lawyer for a Claim?

As we see more and more in South Florida, gone are the “good old days” when a homeowner can fill out the paperwork after a loss and trust that their insurance carrier will act expeditiously and [...]

If I File An Insurance Claim, How Long Must I Wait For a Pay Out?

Over a Year Later It’s been over a year since hurricane Irma affected South Florida. According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, there were 997,273 insurance claims filed throughout [...]

What Are You Covered For? It’s Time to Brush Up on Your Insurance Coverage

It’s true that no one is ever really prepared for a hurricane. When it happens, you realize how optimistic your preparation might have been. If you are one of the unlucky ones, it’s now time to [...]

Insured Protections in Florida: The Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act

Many insurance companies are huge entities that provide insurance coverage to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. While these companies offer protection to their insureds, they are also in [...]

Can You Trust a Public Adjuster? The Risks of Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

If you carry any type of insurance – be it health insurance or auto insurance coverage – you will most likely go straight to your insurer if an accident occurs. But is that really the best [...]

Myths about Roof Leaks That Can Affect Your Insurance Claim

No matter how well maintained your Miami roof is, leaks can happen, particularly during the cold winter months. If you’ve spotted a water stain or wet park on one of your walls or [...]

When Insurance Companies Lie & Cheat, What Can You Do?

Last year’s hurricane season – and the destructive power of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, in particular – have not only inflicted hundreds of billions of dollars in damage but also [...]

South Florida Homeowner Finally Receives Insurance Payment 1 Year After Burglary

Burglary A night of Halloween fun quickly turned into a year-long nightmare for Homestead resident Nicholas Castillo. One year ago, Castillo and his wife took their son trick-or-treating for [...]

Hurricane Irma: Tips to Get an Insurance Payment For Damages

The state fund in Miami may be required to pay up to $5.1 billion in insurance claims in the wake of the devastating damage by Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma is long gone, but its catastrophic [...]

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