Filing a Damage Claim after a Hurricane

It’s not uncommon for Florida homeowners to incur significant damage to their homes and properties when a hurricane ravages their community. Although your insurance company may cover all or at [...]

9 Mistakes to avoid after sustaining Hurricane Damage

With the 2019 hurricane season officially starting on June 1st, many homeowners are looking into purchasing insurance to cover any damages that could potentially occur in the wake of a tropical [...]

How Insurance Companies underpay Hurricane Insurance Claims

Most homeowners are diligent about paying the premiums on their property insurance so that they are covered in the event of a loss from a natural disaster.  So, you’re hopeful that your insurance [...]

Do You Need Hurricane Insurance Coverage?

While there is no actual insurance policy called “Hurricane Insurance”, there are specific combinations of other insurance policies that provide protection and coverage for damages caused by [...]

How Condo Associations Can Be Prepared for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are a way of life in South Florida. And so are condominiums. But is your condo association prepared for disasters such as the large hurricanes we are now seeing? With the right [...]

Insurance Tactics That Policyholders Should Watch For After Hurricane Loss

As we are seeing larger and more devastating hurricanes these past few years, we know the resiliency of spirit that results from these weather incidents. We take the aftermath one day at a time [...]

Beware Fraudulent Activity After a Hurricane

As we saw during last year’s hurricane season and still a full year later, being the victim of a devastating storm can be life-altering. One of the unfortunate after effects that we see as Miami [...]

What Does Your Insurance Cover After Damage Resulting From a Hurricane?

As we know here in South Florida, September can often be the apex of a dangerous hurricane season. After last year’s storms, it’s important to understand what your homeowners’ insurance covers [...]

What to Do If Your Home Has Been Damaged in a Storm?

It’s that season once again in South Florida. As seasoned Florida homeowners, most of us know how to prepare before the storm. But how many of us truly know what to do after the storm if our home [...]

Hurricanes Are Coming! FEMA Issues A Warning To Florida Residents Ahead Of The Hurricane Season

The Federal Emergency Management Agency warns residents in Miami and all across Florida that the hurricane season is on the doorstep, and there are ways to prevent or minimize the extent of [...]

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