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If you carry any type of insurance – be it health insurance or auto insurance coverage – you will most likely go straight to your insurer if an accident occurs.

But is that really the best thing you can do? Does speaking to a public adjuster assigned by your insurance company a wise decision? And can you trust a public adjuster?

After any kind of accident, your insurance company will require you to file a claim. Whether you became a victim of a car accident, your home got destroyed in a hurricane or wildfire, or your house was burglarized, submitting a claim with your insurance company is the first step most Americans will take.

Fact: over 90% of Americans carry health insurance coverage; and more than 85% of Americans who own a car carry auto insurance coverage.

But if you want to recover damages associated with an accident – whatever it is – letting a public adjuster handle your claim may not be the wisest decision, our Miami insurance lawyer at Korin Law, P.A. warns.

Who is an adjuster and why you can’t trust these people?

Typically, there are three types of adjusters assigned that deal with an insurance claims process: public, independent, and company.

What’s the biggest difference between these adjusters? Their employer. Plain and simple. While independent and company adjusters work FOR the insurer, a public adjuster is hired by you (policyholder) to help you with your insurance claim.

It may sound like public adjuster is here to work on your behalf and in your best interest, but that is not entirely true. While these men and women walk you through the insurance claims process, which, needless to say, can be quite confusing, hiring a public adjuster may have a plethora of negative consequences.

Can you trust a public adjuster?

Public adjusters cannot be trusted, as most of them will take a significant slice of your settlement with your insurer as their compensation. While some public adjusters reveal what percentage of the claim payout will be taken from your settlement before getting hired by you, many public adjusters will increase their compensation fee mid-process when they see that the settlement with your insurer is larger than initially expected.

Meaning: in most cases, you won’t be able to receive additional money awarded from a claim, as it will go straight into the pocket of your public adjuster. Over the years, our insurance lawyers have been receiving countless complaints from residents in Miami about dishonest and unfair practices by public adjusters.

In fact, you may actually lose money because the public adjuster demands to pay for their services significantly more than expected or promised. In these cases, you may be entitled to pursue legal action against the public adjuster.

Most public adjusters operate on the basis of adjustable rates, which is unacceptable. Many public adjusters rip policyholders off when they are going through the most difficult and painful periods of their life. And that is morally wrong.

Not to mention that many public adjusters may not be aware of all the policy requirements and restrictions under your current insurance coverage. After all, these people don’t work directly with insurance companies.

How to prevent getting ripped off by adjusters?

A much safer and more efficient way to collect information regarding your accident, prepare documents to file the claim, assess the full value of your injuries and damages, and fight for every dollar available in your case, would be to hire a Miami insurance lawyer.

An insurance lawyer at Korin Law, P.A. will:

    • Investigate all details about your incident or accident;
    • Obtain a police report (if applicable);
    • Order a medical assessment from qualified physicians to determine the full cost of your injuries and damages;
    • Talk to witnesses and collect witness accounts;
    • Prepare documents to file a claim with your insurance company;
    • Review your current insurance policy to determine what amount of money can be recovered;
    • Communicate with your insurer and negotiate a more favorable settlement on your behalf;
    • If necessary, file a lawsuit to resolve the claim in court.

Contact our best insurance lawyers in Miami today to start working on your claim. Don’t trust public adjusters unless you want to be ripped off and receive a settlement that is significantly less than expected.

Instead, speak to our lawyers at Korin Law, P.A., true professionals in our field who will help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Call our Miami offices at (786) 870-4266 or fill out this contact form to get a free consultation.

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