Why You Should Care about Your Neighbor’s Liability Insurance

It seems safe to declare this: No one likes a nosy neighbor. Moreover, no one strives to become a nosy neighbor. Yet we all realize that we have a duty to care about what happens to our [...]

Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

When you live in Miami that has been hit with a hurricane more than once, you need to prepare for the possibility that another named storm might come barreling out of nearby ocean again. In other [...]

Will My Insurance Cover the Damage a Tree Inflicted on My Roof?

With hurricanes wreaking havoc across the country, many people were left with leaks, damage from flying debris, and uprooted trees striking down on their roofs. The sound and resulting damage can [...]

What NOT to Do During a Hurricane Insurance Claim

Dealing with hurricanes are normal for Florida when major hurricanes go through, they leave a long path of destruction. If you happen to be in that path, you may be left with hardly anything you [...]

Advice To Use During The Insurance Company’s Inspection of Your Property

If you have recently been through a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, the first thing you will want to do is to make sure that everyone is safe. Next, you will want to contact [...]

Does Your Insurance Company Cover Roof Leaks?

A roof is a huge asset to a home in so many ways; it protects the homeowners inside from the changing temperatures, it protects everyone from participation such as rain and snow, and it completes [...]

Different Types of Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in the Miami Area

Purchasing a home is probably the most significant investment you will make in your lifetime.  The second most important expenditure will be the homeowner’s insurance that you purchase to protect [...]

What can You do if Your Homeowners Insurance doesn’t cover Foundation Work?

Do you know if your homeowner’s insurance covers foundation work? You might want to look your policy over and see.  If you live in a state like Florida where foundational issues are a common [...]

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Premium increase if I file a Claim?

There are several factors that contribute to an increase in the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premium.  One such factor is filing a damage claim against your policy.  While it is in the best [...]

Will Home Insurance Claims Cover Tree Damage

While the trees surrounding your home are an aesthetically pleasing feature that add value to your property, they can also be a source of costly structural damage if they are brought down by a [...]

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