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Purchasing your first home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. But it does come with several new challenges. Unlike living in an apartment, Miami homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repairs to their property. But what happens if your home has a major pipe leak or plumbing problem? It is important to choose a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers graduate water damage.  Unfortunately, far too many homeowners enroll in an insurance policy without either properly reviewing the policy or

The Long-Term Effects of Water Damage in Miami

Due to our wet and humid climate, water damage ranks among the most frequent homeowner’s insurance claims in Miami. Whether it is due to a pipe leak or roof leak, it can cause significant long-term damage to your property if not addressed immediately. Among the most serious consequences is the formation of dangerous mold, which can cause several types of respiratory illness. In many cases, some insurance companies do not cover mold removal or new construction.

What is Gradual Water Damage?

Not all water damage is the same. Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance companies do not cover gradual water damage. Most homeowners are completely unaware until it is too late. Gradual water damage is the result of a slow and developing condition that can cause long term damage, unlike a sudden event such as a storm. When the time comes to file an insurance claim, it is the policyholder that is left with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess. Gradual water damage is the result wear and tear, corrosion and rotting pipes. Insurance companies will not cover gradual water damage because they are usually the result of negligence by the homeowner.

What Should You Do?

Dealing with insurance companies can be a frustrating experience–especially when you have water damage to your home. In far too many cases, the homeowner may not know they have gradual water damage until days, weeks, months and even years later. What happens if you take a step inside your bathroom and then suddenly fall through the floor? At first glance, it may seem like sudden damage. But the insurance company may determine the damage developed over a significant amount of time. The best way to avoid these situations is to take preventative measures. First, review your homeowner’s insurance policy thoroughly. You may be amazed how many types of water damage may not be covered. Should there be any confusion, take the time to call your insurance agent and ask questions and address any concerns. Take the time to periodically check your pipes for any leaks. You do not have to be a professional plumber to spot some of the most common problems. Should you notice any pipe leaks, make sure they are addressed as soon as possible.

A Miami Home Insurance Lawyer Can Help

In many cases, insurance companies have been known to underpay or even deny water damage claims in South Florida. It can leave many homeowners in a powerless position. But there are solutions. The first is to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Miami home insurance claims lawyer with a track record or protecting the rights of homeowners and looking out for their best interests. Attorney Jonathan Korin utilizes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place each client in the best position to succeed. He understands how insurance companies operate and has helped countless people resolve their insurance claim disputes. To learn more, contact the legal team at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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