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Another hurricane season has come and gone in Miami. Once again, South Florida homeowners were spared from any damage. Although Hurricane Matthew posed a threat to our coast in October, it has been 11 years since a hurricane (Hurricane Wilma) made landfall in South Florida. While nobody ever wants to experience hurricane damage, are Miami’s homeowners becoming complacent about hurricane preparation? Human nature says yes. Before the law of averages catches up with South Florida, it is important for homeowners to stay on top of hurricane preparation.

The Consequences of Complacency

Since Hurricane Wilma, more than one million people have moved to Florida. Many of them have never experienced damage or property loss caused by a major storm. It only takes one hurricane to destroy everything homeowners have worked hard to earn. Older South Florida residents have lived through Hurricane Andrew and know about the devastating effects a Category 5 storm can bring. But the reality is Andrew was more than 24 years ago.

Myths About Hurricane Preparation in Miami

When most people think of hurricane preparation, they immediately think of stocking up on water, canned food and batteries. But properly preparing your home should always be a priority. During a storm, the most vulnerable area of your home is the roof. With hurricane season over, now is the perfect time to get your home inspected for roof leaks. Miami homeowners often make the mistake of waiting until hurricane season to make preparations. Getting a roof inspection now will save homeowners major headaches when the time comes for major repairs.  The next vulnerable area of your home is your windows. Two effective solutions are to install impact windows or hurricane shutters. Broken windows allow wind to penetrate your home and increase the risk of further damage.

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Far too many Miami homeowners have not properly reviewed their insurance policy. What you don’t know about your policy, can come back to haunt when it comes time to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to underpay or even deny an insurance claim. For example, many insurance companies will not cover certain types of water damage. Other insurance companies will not cover construction costs to remove mold damage. Miami homeowners are placed in a difficult position. An insufficient insurance settlement can be just as devastating as the storm. If can place many people in financial trouble without the ability to pay for repairs or recover lost items.

How a Miami Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Help

When an insurance company has underpaid or denied a claim, it can be a powerless feeling for homeowners. Although hiring an insurance adjuster can be helpful, there is no guarantee the insurance company will agree to an assessment made by the adjuster. Miami insurance claims lawyer Jonathan Korin understands the unique challenges and obstacles facing South Florida’s homeowners. He and his staff utilize a vast arsenal of legal resources and knowledge of the insurance industry to help place each client in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact the law offices at Korin Law, P.A. and schedule a free consultation today.

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